Seminar: Temperature Controlled Automatic Switch

temperature controlled automatic switchA temperature controlled automatic switch controls appliances such as household electric kettle which usually has a heating element that is mounted at the bottom of a water tank through a heat conducting base. A conventional temperature control system typically uses a bi-metal temperature to sense the temperature of the device. It is used in electric kettle; the temperature of the water inside the kettle is measured and the steam, when the water is boiled at a particular temperature programmed using the microcontroller cuts of the electric power or when sufficient amount of steam is detected.

Some modern temperature controlled switch uses more precise electronic temperature sensor such as the NTC (Negative Temperature coefficient) resistor (Thermistor), which are capable of sensing the temperature through a very wide range of points instead of just one point. In some cases, the control system (microcontroller) is configured to take into account the temperature rising rate in addition to the absolute temperature value so that the control precision is greatly improved.

The idea behind the design of this switch is to make available or alternative means providing safety and accuracy demand for switching household or industrial electrical appliances. This goes a long way in helping to curb the problem frequently encountered as a result of fire outbreak, burning of food and inaccuracy found in measuring and maintaining temperature. That notwithstanding, it made it possible to have other means of heating food without constant temperature monitoring until when the required temperature will be achieved thereby creating time for the operator to engage himself in other works while the system is in operation.

Moreover there are higher rate of fire accident caused by switching of devices. So there is every need that other means of safety should be made available for the constant running of our electrical equipment and gadgets and also to provide comfort and man. Hence, with the help of a Thermistor, which has come to solve the problem of fire accident and inaccuracy found in temperature measurement in Nigeria, a steady running and operation of our electric equipment and gadgets is guaranteed.

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