Sell with a Story by Paul Smith Pdf

Sell with a Story by Paul Smith Pdf

Download Sell with a Story by Paul Smith Pdf book free online. Storytelling has the emotional impact to transform mundane presentations into fruitful collaborations. It connects individuals and builds momentum by explaining goods or services in a way that resonates with them. The decision-making region of the brain is reached by stories. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Lead with a Story author Paul Smith applies his best-selling formula to the field of sales. He defines the components of the most powerful sales stories in Sell with a Story and explains how to:

  • Pick the appropriate tale
  • Create a story that is interesting and unforgettable.
  • Challenge, conflict, and resolution should all be present.
  • Use stories to introduce yourself, establish rapport, respond to criticism, offer value, make information more vivid, evoke a feeling of urgency, and more.
  • This strong and useful guide equips you with the skills you need to transform your experiences into tales that sell by providing model stories, skill-building activities, and illuminating examples from Microsoft, Costco, Xerox, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hewlett Packard, and other top firms.

About the Author

One of the foremost authorities on organizational storytelling is Paul Smith. In addition to being a storytelling coach and the author of several books, he was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018 and is the author of The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, Four Days with Kenny Tedford, and Parenting with a Story, as well as two #1 bestsellers on Amazon, Lead with a Story and Sell with a Story. He was a consultant with Accenture before joining The Procter & Gamble Company as an executive.

The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Time, Forbes, and Success Magazine, among other publications, have all featured Paul’s work.

Download Sell with a Story by Paul Smith Pdf