Self Discipline Mindset by Curtis Leone

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We all set many goals in life and hope that we will achieve them. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the discipline to follow what it takes to transform these goals to reality. We somehow lose our passion and drive to do what needs to be done after setting goals. Think about it; every year, we all set New Year’s resolutions with the hope that by the end of the calendar year, we would have changed different aspects of our lives. We start off overly excited that by the end of the year, our life would be completely different. However, that doesn’t happen for many of us because we lose our focus and passion for whatever it is that we want to achieve.

As you well know, you cannot go far in life if you cannot implement everything needed to transform your goals into reality. You cannot chase your dreams and actualize your goals if you are not determined, strong willed, and have the power to control emotions, desires, and feelings that derail your goals and their achievement. To achieve success, you must boss your thoughts and emotions as well as exercise perseverance and endurance, which are extremely important self-discipline ingredients.

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Cultivating these character traits may sound challenging right now, but by the time you reach the last page of this book, self-discipline will come easy to you; you will find no difficulty in exercising self-discipline, and going after everything you desire.

This book is the ultimate self-discipline master guide: it aims to teach you how to develop the self-discipline you require to pursue your goals, avoiding while distractions that tend to derail your goal pursuit. Make the best use of this wonderful opportunity and learn how to unlock your self-discipline right now.

Review of Self Discipline Mindset by Curtis Leone

Often times I start a book and before the first chapter is over I’ve decided that the author doesn’t know what they’re talkin about and the book is worthless. but it’s not every time that I decide that I need to write a review about it because it’s that bad.

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I don’t even think the author knows the true definition of the word “discipline” let alone how to teach it. “Self-discipline is an amazing quality that you can gain if you just use your self-discipline (and buy my books)”

Sometimes bad books can still teach you things despite themselves. Maybe in their wrongness they confirm things you already know. This book gave me a better idea of what discipline is by making me disagree.

To me discipline is the ability to be uncomfortable and still do work. How does one learn to tolerate discomfort, hell if I know, join the Marines I guess. This book doesn’t tell me, so it’s useless.

A short and sweet book on developing self discipline. A very good book for someone who doesnt like to read books but still want to avail benefits of reading a book on discipline. But as the book is short, the things are explained in a very specific manner and not much details are provided. It is not for someone who wants a detailed perspective on this topic. But its is an excellent book for adolescents who are going to face board exams , people not interested in reading thick books and just wants to a superficial look at the topic.
In all it was an interesting read. 

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