Secrets of a Master Closer by Mike Kaplan Pdf

Secrets of a Master Closer by Mike Kaplan Pdf

Download Secrets of a Master Closer by Mike Kaplan Pdf book free online. True salesmanship adheres to a set of rules, follows a set of procedures and stages, and leaves a consumer feeling satisfied and benefited. It’s straightforward, courteous, educational, friendly, and well-executed. It’s the kind of selling that earns you fans as well as customers. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

This is the style of selling that genuinely outstanding salesmen have perfected, by the way. This is the kind of selling that keeps pipelines filled and flowing, as well as a strong, loyal customer base that continues to reward you with loyalty, reorders, and recommendations.

That is, after all, the subject of this work. It will provide you a crystal-clear image of the specific processes that every sale must go through and why they must go through them, as well as how to guide any prospect through each one in order to get to the close. And how to do it with honor and dignity.

You will learn the following things from this book:

  • Every sale has eight precise steps. If you leave any out, you’ll have a hard time. If you use them all correctly, you’ll be able to close a limitless number of sales.
  • The underlying goal of the presentation, as well as the critical, often-overlooked first actions that must be taken. This chapter alone might double your sales if you’re making the same presentation blunders as the majority of other salesmen.
  • How to quickly determine which prospects are qualified to use and pay for your product/service and which are not. As a salesperson, time is your most valuable asset, and wasting it loses you money.
  • Learn how to generate a steady stream of closing opportunities and when to acquiesce.

About the Author

I’m Mike Kaplan, and I’ve had the good fortune to establish three multimillion-dollar sales organizations, one of which was named to the Inc. 500 list and was eventually sold.I credit a lot of my success to my ability to sell, which has allowed me to not only start my own business, but also to train hundreds of salespeople and establish enormous, productive sales forces throughout the years.

My experience educating salespeople has shown me that anyone can be an excellent salesperson. There are simply three requirements:
To begin, you must understand the fundamentals of selling. No number of gimmicks or tricks can compensate without a fundamental understanding of the laws of sales and persuasion.
Second, you must understand the exact processes that every transaction must take and how to guide prospects through them efficiently. You’ll never realize your full potential as a salesperson if you can’t.
The third requirement is that you have a strong desire to achieve. I know it sounds cliched, but the best salespeople are always the most motivated.

Fortunately, once you’ve met the first two requirements, the third one usually falls into place.I can help you whether you’re new to sales and have no experience, or you’re a seasoned veteran searching for a means to increase your sales. Throughout my 20 years in sales and sales training, I isolated, tested, and defined the most fundamental ideas, tactics, and training activities. This book will help you sell more and sell faster, regardless matter what you’re selling. This might be the only book you need to read on sales, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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