Saving Daddy by Laylah Roberts PDF

Saving Daddy by Laylah Roberts PDF

Download Saving Daddy by Laylah Roberts book free online. Hack is a man who thrives in his career, surrounded by supportive friends and a sense of stability. Yet, there’s a void in his life, a longing for someone to love and cherish as his own. He yearns to be a caregiver and protector, to find someone he can take care of and build a future with. And then, fate brings Greer Savage into his world.

Greer is a woman of incredible bravery, but she carries the scars of past traumas. Despite her brokenness, she possesses a sweet and funny nature that captivates Hack from the moment they meet. He feels an immediate desire to envelop her in his arms, to provide the love and security she deserves. However, before they can truly embrace their connection, Hack recognizes that Greer needs to confront her demons and conquer her fears.

For eight years, Greer has been haunted by her nightmares, which led her to flee from her past. Now, her younger brother’s unexpected return draws her back to the very place she once escaped. In this complex situation, Hack emerges as a guiding presence, a steadfast support who can help Greer leave her past behind forever.

Together, they embark on a journey of healing and growth, where Hack’s nurturing nature and Greer’s strength intertwine, creating a powerful bond that has the potential to mend their hearts and forge a lasting future.

Download Saving Daddy by Laylah Roberts PDF


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