Sarah J. Maas Announces New ACOTAR Book

Sarah J. Maas Announces New ACOTAR Book

Sarah J. Maas, author of the beloved fantasy series “A Court of Thorns and Roses”, recently appeared on “Live Talks Los Angeles”, where she confirmed rumors about her series and upcoming works. 

Maas has been celebrated for her series “Throne of Glass”, “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and “Crescent City”, all of them best-sellers. The interview was held to celebrate the release of the second book in the “Crescent City” series, House of Sky and Breath.

However, Maas was also questioned on the third installment in that same series, which is set to be released in January, and other upcoming projects. The work will be titled House of Flame and Shadow.

The New Novel

When asked what she was currently working on, Maas said that she was drafting the next ACOTAR book, but that she wasn’t going to let on any more details about the novel. 

The original series, spanning four books and a novella, followed Feyre Archeron through conflicts of morality and power. The series has expanded over its novels to encompass the fantasy world of Prythian and its magical inhabitants.

It’s not official what this new book will be about, but Maas hinted in a previous interview that she was planning on writing a book from the perspective of Feyre’s older sister, Elain Acheron. It’s also unclear how this new book will impact the series, as Maas’s work has continuously been shifted and developed through her intersecting series and new additions. 

Although she didn’t confirm this hint in the recent interview, she did say that she was excited to be writing it and fully invested in the writing process. 

“It’s like that feeling of having a crush or when you’re first, like, obsessed with someone and you’re just thinking about it nonstop,” She said of her experience writing the book. “I love that feeling.”

Fan Theories

During the interview, Maas also responded to some fan theories about the characters and where the series is going. 

Through the questions, Maas confirmed that her two characters Bryce Quinland, the protagonist of the “Crescent City” series, and Hunt Athalar are mates.

This couple was frequently doubted before the interview, given how Maas’s characters seldom end up with their initial love interest. But Maas claimed that this expectation was one of the driving forces behind the pairing. 

“I was like, you know what, I’m gonna do a real doozy on everyone, and I’m gonna have the love interest here be the one at the end — if they both make it to the end,” she said. 

Maas also confirmed that two characters, Danika Fendyr, and Connor Holstrom, were, in fact, dead, dismissing fan theories speculating that the pair were secretly alive. 

House of Flame and Shadow

As the interview continued, Maas also gave some insight into her writing process, especially regarding the novel House of Flame and Shadow, which she had to rewrite after the initial finalization. 

“I knew I hadn’t found the right story yet,” She said, describing how she discarded the first draft and spent four or five weeks developing the book as it is now going to be published. 

House of Flame and Shadow will be released on January 30, 2024.


Fans of Sarah J. Maas have much to be excited for. As the author prepares to release new books, those craving her unique characters and world-building will have plenty of new material to look forward to as the series develops.


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