Sacrificed to Apollo by Veronica Dean Pdf

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They said they were gods, but I know the truth.
I am one of the select few who fight against them.
We serve the true gods of Yoria, not these demons.

Our leader has ordered me to give myself to Apollo.
He wants me to find out his secrets, from the inside.
I have sworn an oath but how can I do this?

I have seen his powers first hand, the things he can do defy logic.
He is the most powerful warrior in all of our land and the heavens.
I need to entice him and I know I have only one thing he wants.

I drop to my knees before him, my heart racing. Am I truly about to debase myself for the cause?
But he isn’t like I imagined. He doesn’t touch me like a demon, he touches me like a man, more than a man.
He makes me feel things I didn’t think were possible. He tells me I’m his, but I can’t be.

The more I see him, the more I know that we are meant to be together.
If he’s really a demon, how can he make me feel like this?
I have to choose who I will betray, my only friends or the man I love.

My choice will decide the fate of Yoria—and the universe.

Welcome to Yoria.

This place might seem familiar to you in some respects, but totally alien in others. On this dark, brutal world there is not much in the name of hope. Humans are the playthings of the gods—lower than animals. But, sometimes, the paths of two beings can cross and send a ripple through the universe. Love has the power to change the future of an entire planet. These are the stories of the fated mates of Yoria.

Drama, action, violence, sex, love.

Author’s note: All of the books in this series contain graphic violence and dark themes, but they make the happy ending all the more satisfying. Also, I hate cliffhangers, so you definitely won’t be finding any of them. I strongly recommend that the books be read in order to get the most out of this series!


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