Runaway Rogue by Cassie Mint PDF

Runaway Rogue by Cassie Mint PDF

Download Runaway Rogue by Cassie Mint PDF book free. He’s a rogue agent, gone AWOL on a tropical island.

I’m the barista they sent to fetch him. I know what you’re thinking. Why me? Why am I tramping up the side of a volcano, searching for one of the most dangerous men alive?

After all, I’m a barista. I do latte art and cupcake displays. I have no business trailing this man through the jungle.Here’s the truth: I’m bait. Apparently the secret agent likes me, and now they’re gonna dangle me on a string to coax him home.But as he tracks me across the island… watches me, silent and brooding between the trees…I can only hope he won’t devour me whole.Runaway Rogue is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a dangerous weapon of a man, and the hapless barista sent to tame him.

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