Rules of the Rich by Tom Corson-Knowles Pdf

Download Rules of the Rich by Tom Corson-Knowles Pdf.I Believe Early Retirement Is Possible For Anyone Who’s Willing To Learn

You too can retire early thanks to the new economy and the wisdom, strategies and advice shared in this book

If I can retire by age 22 after just 3 years in business, anyone can! In this book you will learn:

How To Create Financial Freedom In Just 3-5 YearsWant to achieve business and financial success? You don’t need to wait until your older years. You can achieve business success and wealth at an early age! It only takes 3-5 years using the system in this book to retire.

How To Start A Business With Little Or No Money And turn A Profit Fast

Most people think you need a lot of money to start a business. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Certainly, some industries require heavy capital investments upfront like oil and gas exploration or manufacturing.

But almost any business can be started with $1,000 or less. You see, the problem is most people think you have to have money to build a product and then pay for advertising to sell it. But that’s not what savvy entrepreneurs do! Great entrepreneurs understand that you can pre-sell almost any product and collect the money upfront. Then, once you have the cash you can build the product!

In fact, most Fortune 500 Companies were started very small at a kitchen table or in a garage (Apple, Microsoft, Whole Foods, Mattel, Amazon, etc). They had little or no money upfront and instead focused on marketing and bringing in cash before they could buy and deliver products to the customers.

The good news is that thanks to the internet, outsourcing and virtually unlimited business management and marketing resources, anyone from anywhere in the world can start a business for less than $1,000 and turn it into a successful small, medium or even Fortune 500 business success.

How To Kick Fear In The Ass And Achieve Your Goals

Studies show over 70% of Americans “want to start their own business some day.” So what’s holding them back from starting one now? The economy? The stock markets? Financial uncertainty?

No! These are all just excuses for the real reason people don’t start a business and stick with it – fear. It’s the kind of fear that makes you keep your mouth closed when instead you wish you would speak up. The fear that stops you from moving forward in life.

There’s only one thing that will conquer your fear – it’s commitment. When you get committed, nothing will stop you!

Why The Old Rules Of Retirement Are Broken And The New Rules That Will Save You From Financial Ruin

In today’s new economy the old methods of getting an education, getting a good job and going to work just don’t cut it anymore. Hundreds of millions of people who followed that plan are now facing bankruptcy, poverty and the inability to retire.

Over 95% of Americans are unable to support themselves when they retire! They’re reliant on Social Security, family and charity donations. Do you want that to be you? Of course not!

In this life-changing book, young entrepreneur Tom Corson-Knowles shares his secrets to lasting business and financial success passed down to him by hundreds of millionaire mentors.

About The Author

I can teach you from experience how to start a business from home and retire early. The truth is that getting rich in America today is possible for anyone and everyone who has a burning desire to succeed, a willingness to work hard and a willingness to learn. Are you ready?

I will teach you what you need to know to succeed in today’s quickly changing economic environment. You too can achieve lasting financial success and wealth.

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