Romantic Poetry By Warui Maina Pdf

Romantic Poetry By Warui Maina Pdf

Download Romantic Poetry: Jewel in The Stars By Warui Maina Pdf book free online – from Romantic Poetry: Jewel in The Stars By Warui Maina Pdf book; A collection of poems about love, hope and life. For more than 10 years, poetry has been an integral part of my life. Through the thick, the muddy and the bliss, ink has seen me prevail swiftly. This anthology defines and encapsulates this creative decade. Of passions I have loved many, they left and ought more come and do so too, but one always lies by my fingers – POETRY Romantic Poetry By Warui Maina Pdf

From the book:

Your face is as sweet as a lullaby
Wonder not those sexy eyes make me sleepy
Your smile is like heaven shimmering
Invites me to touch your lips with mine
Shall I dance to the song you put
In my heart when I stare at you
Shall I tell you the truth that stays hidden
I am slowly falling for you.

Her lips like nectar cause
Once I tasted them I felt butterflies in my stomach
Drained me by her eyes
They flooded with streams of beauty
Her voice vibrates awesome
The melodies of a fallen heart
Called me by my name
Held my hand and led me astray
Took my heart captive, lone away
She whispered
Sweet nothings in a cold ear
Nibbled my senses too, in the process
I, taken.

My honeypot,
The one who works joy in my heart
What shall I compare you to
Where shall another be found
After many a frog I kissed
And felt amphibious about love
Many were they that fed me fodder
And milked my pockets dry
Many were they that wandered in hearsay
The envious fed them splitting daggers
They left on what they heard
Many were they that cared about their head
(hair, make-up, lipstick and eyelashes et al)
But nothing about where we were headed

Yet in the broken I found one
You mysteriously mend me
Oh! How did I find you?
My adorable dimpled doll,
You know well the way to a man’s heart
The lovely sight of your morning smile
The cookie you cook each night so deliciously
The heavenly aroma of your perfumed ingredients
The heat of every dress you clad
The taste of your shimmering lips
Oh! I feel sick of these bacterial side chics
My dear Princess,
Shall I call you Wifey,
The way I connect to you wireless
Like a match made in heaven
In each position we score perfectly
Did you pray for this, do I call it destiny
For since my eyes perceived your beauty
My heart finds no rest but in one
Oh! How I long to hold you close
How long to whisper I love you
Hey sweet darling
Will you rain on me, wet me in love?.

I thought I was the one
But I was only a shade
To give you rest in the heat
And when your sun cooled down
You left me wake in my fantasies
And again your sun heats up
Don’t wake me up in my fantasies.

I found her like
Many others who go away
I broke my heart with
That stare at her face
It was magical, least said
Like stars staring at the earth
Laughing at its small size
Crying for its beautiful features
Amazed by its dynamic beings
Mourning that though it’s light
Be so blinding, be so bright
Be so attractive, a fountain of mystery
Could not get hold of this inferior body
That glance betrayed me
Like many others that
My heart yearned for yet
The person I am strangled him
The person of the heart wants you
Like many others that
I glanced at.

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