Romance Thriller By Lora Lindy Pdf

Romance Thriller By Lora Lindy Pdf

Download Romance Thriller By Lora Lindy Pdf book free online – from Romance Thriller By Lora Lindy Pdf book; After the death of her beloved cousin, Lana Andrews has to get away to be alone, to grieve. She rents a quaint little beach house in Plymouth MA. Little does she know she would meet that one special love, an unexpected love. That one true love is Mike Ramsey, and he’s a U.S. Marshal and the beach house owner.

As their love grows, so do their troubles. Someone is stalking Lana, and Mike has to figure out who it is before the stalker gets her. Not only does he have to protect her, he must find the connection between Lana and the stalker before it’s too late. They soon find out this man desperately wants Lana, and he’ll go through any lengths for that to happen. Mike’s team find out how desperate this man is when he starts murdering innocent people.

Being a U.S. Marshal for years, he knows how to protect people. This time was different. This time, the victim is someone he deeply loves. No matter what, he will do what it takes to protect his beautiful Lana. Once he finds out the name of the stalker—he is not so sure he can.


“Sharon, I’ve received the test results from the lab,” said Dr. Kemper, lowering his head not wanting to look into her tear-filled eyes. They were swollen as though she had lost the first round of boxing with Muhammad Ali. He distracted himself by looking at the papers he held in his hands, flipping the pages back and forth. He wanted to make sure he did not miss anything. No matter how many times the elderly doctor delivered grave news, it never got any easier.      

Sharon’s face turned pale as she looked at him. Waiting for the results about her husband James was difficult. She could tell by the look on his face the news would be heartbreaking. Her heart started racing as she shifted from one foot to the other. When he didn’t finish his sentence, she snapped at him. “Spit it out, what are the results?”

He took a deep breath, and as he exhaled his cheeks puffed out. “The MRI shows James is brain dead, and there’s nothing medically we can do. The machine is breathing for him, and it’s keeping him alive. Too much time had passed after his heart attack, and his brain was deprived of oxygen. I’m sorry,Sharon. I wish I could give you better news.”

“I do too.” She lowered her eyes to her beloved husband. Thoughts of him raced through her mind. She recalled when they met, their first date, their marriage, and the birth of their children. As she remembered the birth of their son, Kismet, tears began to flow. Kismet’s head had come out pointed and lopsided, causing James to say, “Look! He’s an alien. Honey, is there something you want to tell me?” The doctor laughed for ten minutes.

Dr. Kemper’s coughing snapped Sharon back to reality. “You will need to decide when you want to turn off the machine. I’m sure you’ll want to talk with family about the details, and allow them time to say good-bye.”This was the part he hated the most, when the loved ones discussed the time of death—they never agreed. Some didn’t want him to suffer, and some demanded the patient stay hooked up to the machine forever.”Do you mind if I think about all this?” She needed time alone to think. Picking the day and time to let her husband to die was not a choice she wanted to make, tired or not. Thoughts raced through her mind about the sorrow this decision would cause the family, especially for Lana. Cousins or not, they had been best friends for decades. Now in a fleeting
moment, his life would end. This decision would be a crushing blow to her.

“Absolutely, you take all the time you need. I’ll come by in the morning to check on you and answer any questions you might have.” “Thank you.” Sharon picked up her coat and kissed James’ cheek. “Good night, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight, and I want you to try to get a decent night’s sleep.” He was never shocked by how distraught spouses acted. Some would scream at the top of their lungs, and others would laugh. Most cried and were afraid to make any decisions, letting the doctor spoon-feed them through the process. Sharon appeared to be the quiet type and wanted time alone to think.

They both walked out of the hospital room without saying another word, but she did glance back at her husband one last time.