Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards

Download Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards pdf book free online – From Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards: Derived from the leading dissection atlas Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, and Elke Lütjen-Drecoll, these flash cards showcase full-color photographs of actual cadaver dissections. Buy From Amazon

220 cards, labeled for self-testing, serve as a practical tool to help students prepare for the dissection lab and the operating room.

  • Now includes review questions and additional clinical anatomy.
  • 220 full-color photographs present exquisitely dissected cadavers.
  • Ideal study aid to review recently dissected regions and to prepare for practical exams.
  • Includes a key ring and hole-punched corners for easy organization and on-the-go portability.

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I purchased the Rohen’s flash cards during my first year of medical school as a study aid in preparation for gross anatomy lab practicals.
-I found that using Netter’s atlas / flashcards for first-pass anatomy study was helpful, but it was often difficult to make the connection between “cartoony” Netter’s illustrations and structures in the lab. Rohen’s cards bridge that gap nicely, as the images are photographs of meticulously dissected cadavers.
-The 8th edition of Rohen’s atlas is a phenomenal resource for gross anatomy study. However, the number of views presented in the atlas can be overwhelming. The flash cards do a nice job of distilling the various views in the atlas down to the most relevant images. These cards are by no means a substitute for a complete atlas of anatomy, but they represent a very portable “best of” version.

-The perspective / axis of the image is not identified on the flashcard (front or back). Some of the flashcards are from imaging studies, and orientation cues on the back of the cards would be helpful.
-The “binder” holes on each card are very small and located very close to the margin of the card. After watching a number of my classmates tear through the corners of the their cards with the attached ring clip, I opted to carry mine in a small manila envelope.

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Review of Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards

Built to last !!! Price is a lot better than other anatomy flash cards. The cards are made of hard, plastic like paper, unlike the flimsy flash cards from other brands. Comes with a 1.5 inch ring.

Flash Cards contains the major need to know structure, isn’t overflowed with information like Netter anatomy flash cards. Flash cards is meant to be for review / quizzing not for main source of learning. And this is what these cards are. Perfect for quizzing on anatomy structure, not so much for concepts.

Also contains multiple choice question on back of cards, prefect for clinical anatomy reviewing / quizzing. Also it is clear photographs of cadaver, prefect for prepping me for lab test.

Cons: Some of the names of structures are different than in the text (eg squamosal suture instead of squamos suture) which can really mess you up on the test. Missing some structure that I would like to be on the card, leaving much more to be desired for. However, it force me to go back to the atlas and study (guess in the end it is good for you ?).

Download Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards

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