Rita Boucher by The Compromised Lady PDF

Download Rita Boucher by The Compromised Lady PDF book free. Fiona’s recall of her last covert assignment in Portugal is buried in a haze of drugged pain. She has never known the name of the stranger who saved her life.

When Stephan Aubrey, the new Earl of Camford offers to use his connections to help her investigate the failed mission, Fiona discovers that he is her mysterious savior. Never having been able to forget Fiona’s beauty and courage, Stephan finds it hard to credit the accusation that this woman is the driving force behind the infamous Hades spy ring that has wreaked havoc on Britain’s military efforts. Reluctantly, he consents to take the role of a suitor for her hand as part of a trap to prove her treachery. As Stephan’s sham courtship of Fiona becomes increasingly real, he discovers that they may be pawns in a deeper, deadlier game. Will they fall prey to a web of lies and will their love be strong enough to survive the inevitable betrayal?