Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF

Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF

Download Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF book free – From Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF: A straight-shooting Silicon Valley executive reveals insider career strategies to becoming a great leader, developing your network, succeeding without wasting time, and managing trade-offs between your work and life so your life works. Buy from Amazon

Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF

Patty Azzarello became the youngest general manager at Hewlett-Packard at age thirty-three, ran a $1 billion software business at thirty-five, and became a CEO at thirty-eight-all without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk. In Rise, Azzarello shares the insider secrets to advancing your career (while having a life) in three practical steps:

 Do Better: Set ruthless priorities, and work and lead more strategically to deal with frustrating obstacles.
Look Better: Build your credibility with the people who can help (or blacklist) you.
Connect Better: Develop your network without being political. Get on “the List” of people who get the best opportunities.

Whether you are just starting up the corporate ladder, stuck midcareer, transitioning, or eyeing the corner office, Rise shows you the difference between getting ahead and just working hard.

Editorial Reviews

Review – Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF

“Leave it to Patty Azzarello to turn the secrets of genuine and effective leadership into a practical action plan. Who needs a mentor when you can read this book?”
-Debra Chrapaty, CIO, Zynga

“I often get midlevel managers asking me how they can crack into the next level, and I have had many managers who don’t ask and get stuck. Rise is the definitive guidebook to create a breakout moment in almost any career.”
-Rob Meinhardt, GM, Dell

“Did you ever wish someone would just write down what you have to do to get promoted? Rise lays it out for you. It’s easy to read, easy to implement, and tested in the real world. Read this book, or else work for someone who did.”
-Jim Davis, CEO, Verified Person, Inc.

Review – Rise by Patty Azzarello PDF

Rise, by Patty Azzarello, is a book aimed at helping people “rise above their work”. Whether this is in the form of getting a raise, promotion, or just getting control of your work life, there’s a lot of good advice in this book.

The book is divided into three sections, “Do Better”, “Look Better”, and “Connect Better”. In the “Do Better” section, Patty gives a wealth of tips on taking control of your job and work life. This section is full of golden advice that I wish someone had given me years ago. Every page hit me with another “aha moment”, from learning to prioritize work into “Ruthless Priorities”, to delegation, to accepting that you can’t accomplish everything, to allowing yourself the time to think through problems. She also focuses on rooting your prioritization in what will actually bring value to your organization instead of killing yourself trying to do every single piece of work that comes across your desk.

This section is worth the price of the book in itself. Unfortunately, the other two sections for me didn’t live up to that same level of awesomeness. The section “Look Better” is about not just presenting oneself better but ensuring that the work one and one’s team does gets noticed by the higher-ups. The section “Connect Better” is about building one’s network.

There are several reasons why I didn’t get as much from the other two sections. For one, the language and advice in the first section are largely very practical. However, the second and third sections regress into gobs of corporate buzzspeak with lots of references to marketing oneself, personal brands, etc.

The advice itself in these sections ranges from somewhat practical (dressing better) to outright sucking up. For example, she has a passage about using flattering words to create an in with an executive. Advice like that may work but it’s just not me.

These two sections are incredibly dense, as well. They contain a lot of advice, and I felt lost trying to wade through it. Compare that to the “Do Better” section where every tidbit felt like something I could immediately start doing.

The final nail in the coffin for me on the last section was how it contradicted the first. In the first section, Patty talks about using the “Do Better” techniques to get a better handle on the work/life balance because, in her opinion, that’s important. However, in the “Connect Better” section, she states that to truly rise, one will have to regularly sacrifice family life. Throw in the previously mentioned sucking up advice and for me the book started reading like a “corporate lackey how-to”.

None of that to say that the advice in the “Look Better” and “Connect Better” sections doesn’t work. It’s all sound, and I’ve seen many leaders have those qualities to some degree or other.

Regardless, for me, the “Do Better” section was worth the price of the book alone, and I highly recommend the book at least for that.

About the Author

PATTY AZZARELLO is a successful Silicon Valley executive who now runs her own management consulting company, leading business transformations and positively impacting the careers of thousands of people across the world. She lives in Carmel Valley, California. Visit azzarellogroup.com.

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