Review of Plastic Surgery PDF 1st Ed

Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

Download Review of Plastic Surgery PDF book free 1st Edition – From Review of Plastic Surgery PDF: Review of Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Donald W. Buck II, provides essential information on more than 40 topics found on in-service, board, and MOC exams, as well as the challenges you face in everyday practice. Buy from Amazon

Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

Using a streamlined, highly illustrated format, it efficiently covers all of the material you need to know – from basic science to clinical knowledge in plastic surgery, including subspecialty topics. The high-yield format means that you’ll spend more time mastering important information and less time searching for it.

  • Zero in on more than 40 essential topics found on in-service, board, and certifying exams in plastic surgery.
  • Test your mastery of the material with self-assessment sections that mimic questions encountered on board exams.
  • Clearly visualize key content thanks to superb, full-color illustrations throughout.
  • Find and retain important information that’s presented in a concise, high-yield manner – through bulleted text, detailed illustrations, and easy-to-digest lists.

Preface – Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

Plastic surgery is a vast specialty, encompassing the management of diseases and conditions from head to toe, in patients who are both young and old. With such a diverse and overarching surgical discipline, it comes as no surprise that our textbooks read like encyclopedias with seemingly limitless pages of detail and descriptions. Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

An entire bookcase can easily be filled with textbook after textbook attempting to cover the topics that we encounter as plastic surgeons. As a student, resident, or young attending, the vastness of plastic surgery can become overwhelming, and it is easy to get lost in the details. One quick look at the six volumes required to cover our specialty in Plastic Surgery 3rd Edition alone can generate a tremendous amount of heartburn. This is particularly true during examination time, be it the in-service examination for trainees or the written examination for plastic surgery certification. I vividly remember the anxiety surrounding the exam preparation process and my disbelief at the lack of a “go-to” plastic surgery review book highlighting frequently tested, high-yield facts for the in-service exam and written boards. It seemed that all other specialties had one: a handy companion book with tattered pages of fruitful facts, figures, and illustrations that covered the broad topics and themes of the specialty, perfect for focused studying and examination review. Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

The purpose of this book is to fill that void and serve as a trustworthy companion to students, residents, and young plastic surgeons alike. This book is not intended to be a replacement for your favorite plastic surgery textbooks or “encyclopedias,” nor is it meant to cover the minutiae of our specialty. Instead, it is intended to provide a foundation of plastic surgery fundamentals and themes upon which further details can be added. It is also intended to serve as an added resource for treating the anxiety and heartburn of examination preparation by providing a useful, relevant, and easily accessible collection of high-yield topics and facts covering plastic surgery. The book consists of 30 chapters, conveniently designed to align with the defined topics that are frequently covered in plastic surgery examinations. Within each chapter are numerous pearls of wisdom and abundant facts in bulleted format that cover some of the most frequently tested topics. Review of Plastic Surgery PDF

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About the Author

Donnie Buck is Assistant Professor, Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Washington State University, St Louis. He specializes in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures and Surgery, Breast Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Hand and Wrist Surgery (Plastic/Reconstructive), Head and Neck Surgery – Review of Plastic Surgery PDF
Lymphedema Surgery and Lipoedema Surgery. He has worked with Elsevier for many years on the six volume Plastic Surgery title edited by Peter Neligan, Core Procedures in Plastic Surgery and also on the first edition of Review of Plastic Surgery. He is an excellent editor with an eye for detail and knowledge of changes and needs within Plastic Surgery.

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