Report on Internet Banking By RBI, India Pdf

Download Report on Internet Banking By RBI, India Pdf book free online – from Report on Internet Banking By RBI, India Pdf book; Banks have traditionally been in the forefront of harnessing technology to improve their products, services and efficiency. This report explains the following topics related to internet banking: Internet Banking – a new medium, International experience, The Indian Scenario, Types of risks associated with Internet banking, Technology and Security Standards.

Internet provides an ever-growing market both in terms of number of potential customers and geographical reach. Technological development has made access to Internet both cheaper and faster. More and more people across the globe are accessing the net either through PCs or other devices. The purchasing power and need for quality service of this segment of consumers are considerable. Anybody accessing Internet is a potential customer irrespective of his or her location. Thus, any business targeting final consumers cannot ignore the business potential of Internet.

Cost of communication through WWW is the least compared to any other medium. Many a time one’s presence in the web may bring in international enquiries, which the business might not have targeted. The business should have proper plans to address such opportunities.

Internet banking has presented regulators and supervisors worldwide with new challenges. The Internet, by its very nature, reaches across borders and is, for this reason, engaging the attention of regulatory and supervisory authorities all over the
world. All Internet banking operating from a Norwegian platform are subject to all regular banking regulations, just as any other bank.


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