Religious Confluence By Edward Field PDF

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Download Religious Confluence By Edward Field PDF book free online – From Religious Confluence By Edward Field PDF: This book aims to alter the discerning reader’s religious perspective. It is undeniable that the Bible has charted and shaped the course of human destiny, and although the Christian exposition has been the most pervasive, both biblical testaments have been claimed by their respective producers and their many past and present spell-bound enthusiasts as God´s authentic Word to the world. However, the perusal of comparative ancient religious literatures exposes not only the preposterousness of these claims, but also, significantly enough, casts major doubts over the very existence of the biblical god.

Research further discloses the fertility and hallucinogenic roots of biblical fundamentals and also the plagiarism of foreign myths, legends and superstitions that helped to articulate the same. Indeed, essential Judaeo-Christian traditions can now be traced back to the Mesopotamian alluvial plains and the desperate battles of her resident primitive farmers against the unfathomable and unpredictable forces of nature. This indelible experience, coupled with these peoples´ unrestricted access to inebriant botanicals, would pave the way for the establishment of mighty religious organisations throughout Asia Minor and beyond.  

There is a hidden arithmetical design that runs consistently and correlatively throughout the entire Judaeo-Christian conflations of history, religion, and myth. This numeric system, together with the beautifully poetic diction that couches it, would appear to allegorize the awakening of the dormant spiritual Self in preparation for the imminent new age of enlightenment and purity.

The weight of the evidence here presented bears down heavily upon the biblical Torah, because, crucially enough, the credibility of the ensuing Prophets, the Writings, and the Christian Gospels does actually hinge on the authenticity of the god of the Bible. The following pages are thus certain to raise a few eyebrows and also likely to alter the discerning reader’s religious perspective.  

Let us, then, without further prelude, immerse in antiquity, starting with Sumeria, the purported cradle of civilization.

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