Regency Reputations by Diane Gaston PDF 

Download Regency Reputations by Diane Gaston PDF book free. Identities concealed… desires revealed. As the unacknowledged son of the lecherous Lord Westleigh, John ‘Rhys’ Rhysdale was forced to earn a crust gambling on the streets.

Now he owns the most thrilling new gaming establishment in London. Witnessing polite society’s debauchery and excess every night, Rhys prefers to live on its fringes, but the stakes are raised when Rhys is tempted by the mysterious masked Lady Celia Gale. When fallen beauty Daphne, Lady Faville, is carried to safety from a rampaging fire, she’s horrified to recognise her rescuer as Hugh Westleigh – a man with every reason to despise her! But Hugh has been blinded and Daphne must nurse him back to health. Unable to see, he is driven to distraction by Daphne. But when Hugh finally regains his sight will she find forgiveness in his arms?