Reflection: Rulers And Preys by Ajagbe Ayodeji

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Reflection: Rulers And Preys stars a student politician Comrade Oluwatimileyin Turner, Chief Whip, a cynical, manipulative politician determined to become President. He is willing to use every secret he knows, every pressure point he can find, and every dirty trick in the book to secure his own rise to power—and in the process confirms just about every dark and terrible thing you thought you knew about politics.

The author, Ajagbe Ayodeji drew on his extensive real-life experience in student politics for the book, and the result is an electrifying vision of how exceedingly violent governing can be behind closed doors.


26th July, the re-election day, finally came, and all students were up with their phones to vote. The e-voting was to start by 9:00am and end by 2:00pm. Before most of the students could login, someone somewhere had already voted using their matriculation numbers, hence they were unable to do so again. Such was the re-election that, within an hour, Comrade Oluwatimileyin Turner had already amassed thousands of votes. 
“How possible is this?” people wondered. Even if all the students had paid their tuition fees and hence could vote, some of them are apolitical while others lack proper orientation needed for the e-voting process. So, how possible was it that, even with the emergence of four new contestants, one person already had a thousand votes in less than an hour? How did he do it? 
“Malpractice!” Korede screamed. “And I heard two contestants, Comrade Praise and Comrade Adedolapo who contested for the post of the General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary respectively, were unopposed.” he continued.
“Bullshit! Unopposed my foot! That’s a lie, they bribed their way up. They bought the positions by paying both the speaker and the electoral chairman to allow them be unopposed. I wonder how someone who set out to serve should fear opposition. Politics shouldn’t be so.” Michael remarked.
“Even this girl who was the faculty welfare director last year as well as the debate club general secretary still contested to be the Vice President in the faculty this time. You can imagine such a greedy, insatiable glutton.” Korede said in disgust.
“And that same girl will condemn the country’s president for being a president and at the same time holding a ministerial post. She is worse juh.” Michael complemented, shaking his head. 
“If you ask me, I will advise that the Student Union Government and the Faculty Executives be scrapped, because I see the union as a mere camouflage, a mirage in pseudo existence. The student representatives are passive instead of being active. They are tools in the hands of the university management. The dean of the student affairs is indirectly the president of the student union, the president is the vice-president I while the vice-president is the vice-president II. That’s how I see it.” Goodluck, who had been reading on the other side of the lecture theatre, contributed, joining in the discussion.
He continued, “See, the only virtue the university has to offer us is the instillation of fear in very tragic locations in our mind, heart, soul and body. This is the main reason why we, the students, have become that which dies a thousand times even before his time. Tell me, what else do you expect when fear is being instilled into us? As for me, I don’t really blame the executives. They are constantly being threatened by the management with rustication, expulsion, suspension and the rest. They are constantly reminded of their education, their primary purpose on campus. So, can’t you see that they’re helpless too?”
Excerpt From Reflections: Rulers And Preys By Ayodeji Ajagbe

About The Author

Ajagbe Ayodeji is a renowned story writer, a creative writer, and a prolific author. He is the author of High School Lovers, Sad Love Story, Meant To Be, Memories and Reasons To Live.
He is also the founder of DailyPress Bookstore, an affiliate of DailyPress PLC. An online bookstore that helps people read books, stories and research works for students and lecturers. His book Meant To Be have served as the foundation for many of his books.

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