Recovery by Russell Brand Pdf

Recovery by Russell Brand Pdf

Download Recovery by Russell Brand Pdf book free online. Russell Brand, comedian and movie star, mines his own wild experience and shares the knowledge and wisdom he has gathered through his 14 years of recovery with a rare blend of honesty, humor, and compassion. Brand speaks to those suffering from many types of addictions, including those to drugs, alcohol, coffee, and sugar, as well as job, stress, terrible relationships, social media, and fame. Brand recognizes that addiction can come in a variety of forms, and that being clean, rational, and unhooked is a daily task. He argues that the question isn’t really a question at all “”What pain is your addiction masking?” rather than “why are you addicted?” Why are you going into the arms of the wrong person, the wrong job, the wrong life?”. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Russell has attended every 12-step fellowship in existence, started his own men’s group, is a regular in therapy, and is a practicing yogi – and while he’s worked on this material as part of his comedy and previous best sellers, he’s never before shared the tools that helped him get out of it, and that keep him clean and clear. He offers not only a healing plan, but also an attempt to make sense of the world’s ills.

About the Author

Russell Brand has established himself as one of the world’s most famous stand-up comedians since his rise to prominence in 2003. Russell is a tremendously successful author, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, columnist, political commentator, and mental health and drug rehabilitation crusader in addition to stand-up comedy. Despite being vegan, he owns two cats, a dog, a wife, a baby, ten chickens, and 60,000 bee.

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