Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley Pdf

Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley Pdf

Download Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley Pdf book free onine. Life used to be a continuous celebration for Cooper Miles. He put in as much time working and playing as he could. But things and people change, and recently, he isn’t enjoying the party scene as much. I present Amelia Hale. Cooper is blind to her approach. But you don’t run into a girl wearing a wedding gown in a pub every day; this is a girl whose life has just taken an unexpected turn to the left. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

It’s not at all awkward to kiss her. She’s had a terrible day, and Cooper is sure to cheer her up with a quick lesson in kissing. But he wasn’t prepared for the invitation to return to her hotel. It’s irresponsible to say “Yes” to her. Not because he’s unfamiliar with having a one night stand. And not just because she’s wearing a bridal gown and says, “This is my first time.”

She causes him to feel powerful emotions that he has never experienced before, which makes it irresponsible. Cooper Miles is unafraid of anything. But this woman? He is unsure of how to handle the possibility that she is magical. Nota d’auteur: Cullen Miles He’s deeper than you think, funny, and sexy. This ex-playboy has a heart that is as huge as his personality, and when he does find love, he falls deeply.

About the Author

The #1 bestselling author of contemporary romances and romantic comedy on Amazon is Claire Kingsley. She creates tales with sassy, eccentric heroines, swoon-worthy heroes who adore their ladies fiercely, sexytimes that melt your pants, passionate happily-ever-afters, and a ton of strong emotions.

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