Razer Kraken X Review: Functionalities, Features, and Price

Without upping your gaming skills by purchasing a pricier headset, what are some ways to improve your online gaming abilities? The Razer Kraken X is a wired, no-nonsense headset that costs just $50 or #27,000, attempting to crack the cheap gaming headset code. The launch model is missing some features, but 7.1 surrounds sound, onboard controls, and a boom mic cover the essentials. Buy RazerKraken X on Amazon

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Who is the Razer Kraken X for?

Gaming headsets on a budget like the Razer Kraken X work just as well for everyday users who need over-ear headphones with microphones. You can use them for separate input computers with a dedicated audio/mic splitter cable. All of these work across multiple platforms. PCs, Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches, and mobile devices are all compatible with them.

How would you describe using a Razer Kraken X?

The headset is incredibly easy to use. Connect it to the computer and you’re ready to go. For full functionality, you’ll need to use the splitter included if your desktop has separate audio and mic inputs. Placement is extremely forgiving with the flexible cardioid boom mic. Diaphragm placement parallel to the mouth is essential for optimal voice quality.

This gaming headset is suitable for just about any platform, making it a serious contender in the market.

The headband and slider are made of durable polycarbonate-ABS. Together with the hidden eyewear channels, the lightweight material makes these glasses comfortable to wear with glasses. Channels such as these relieve temple pressure. Aside from that, the memory foam earpads are extremely comfortable. Razer provides a two-year warranty on the earpads, but they are not user-replaceable.

Despite the lack of in-line controls, the headphones feature a volume dial and mute button on the left ear cup. It would be nice if the dial offered more resistance. Therefore, the mute toggle provides a satisfying click when it’s depressing or released with just the right amount of resistance. Buy RazerKraken X on Amazon

How does the Razer Kraken X sound?

However, even though their frequency response chart seems odd, these headphones sound well for the price point. It is typical for gaming headsets to emphasize low notes as this increases the impact of explosions. It is easier to hear the dialogue between characters and teammates due to the boosted vocal frequencies. The high-pitched frequencies, like harmonics, undergo auditory masking at the 1-6.5kHz band, but this isn’t as dramatic as it seems. Playing music back instead of playing games can make it difficult to hear chord details, as a chord’s resonance can’t be heard.

Is the Razer Kraken X good for gaming?

It’s awesome. It’s 40mm dynamic drivers reproduce three-dimensional space to a natural degree, which is something gamers shouldn’t compromise on when selecting a headset. Sound, when perceived realistically, helps players map out where their enemies are located.  

To get the most out of 7.1-channel surround sound, you will need a PC running Windows 10, 64-bit. Unfortunately, Razer provides a free download code for this inconvenience. Buy RazerKraken X on Amazon


  1. Is Razer Kraken x a bad product?

Aside from its unimpressive music performance and non-removable microphone, the Kraken X is hardly perfect. The headset, however, is an extremely good value at $50, as it provides good sound quality in games and is extremely comfortable for long periods of time. Compared to other Razer audio peripherals, it has a much more restrained design.

  1. Are Kraken x worth it?

It fits the bill when it comes to functional, reliable gaming headsets on a budget. Anyone who wears glasses should take advantage of the eyewear channels. This gaming headphone is capable of working across platforms and is a simple option for those who want a straightforward gaming headphone.


Despite its low price, the Razer Kraken X is an excellent budget headset that is suitable for all gaming purposes. Anyone with glasses should have access to the eyewear channels. The Kraken X is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple pair of gaming headphones. 

Look into the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless if you’re in the market for a similar-sized headset with a slightly more neutral sound signature. Buy RazerKraken X on Amazon