Rambo Year One vol.3: Point of no Return by Wallace Lee

Rambo Year One vol.3

While the wounded of Black Spot are cured,

Rambo Year One vol.3: – Trautman continues his secret plan agreed years before with his friend Patrick Nelson adhering to the controversial Phoenix Program, the infamous campaign of ‘targeted killings’ with which the South Vietnamese army and the Americans wanted to get rid of the Vietcong infiltrators among civilians in the south.

In the meantime, , the ‘ultra-qualified’ soldiers of the Baker team are put to train the South Vietnamese special forces, but it is only a matter of time before they are given a new mission.
A mission to the limits of their abilities and ‘beyond the gate’ – meaning: over the border – where the United States was never meant to enter the fight in the first place.
The intelligence has identified a vital target in Laos, northwest of Quang-Tri, but it is beyond the ‘point of no return’ – the maximum considered range for SOG teams.
And to launch such a desperate mission, Trautman choose the Baker Team.

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