Rambo Year One vol.2 by Wallace Lee

Rambo Year One vol.2

The Only Existing Rambo Prequel Vol.2

The selection has just ended and the sky is still dark over Fort Bragg… As the heart of Colonel is.
Two years … 

Rambo Year One vol.2 – The training that Trautman has in mind for his young men will last for two long years during which his recruits will learn how to train, eat, drink and sleep like never before then. They’re about to start a real physical and mental metamorphosis at the end of which none of those sixteen young men wil everl be the same again.

But Baker Team is not about training only.
Baker Team is above all the story of the first, terrible mission of Rambo’s team in Vietnam, which will end up in their very first baptism of fire.
And that’s when we will finally see Rambo and his companions fighting for their lives in a crescendo of adrenaline that will leave a ever-lasting mark.

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