Psychics and Seances By Annette de Jonge PDF

Psychics and Seances By Annette de Jonge PDF

Annette’s story: her attempt  to understand why nocturnal visitations  from spirits and extraterrestrials formed a part of her early life, as they do now. 

Her quest to find answers led to numerous psychic development classes and along the way learned that she is a spiritual teacher. 

Annette taught privately and was also employed for several years by the Queensland Government in their enrichment classes teaching theory behind how we are more than a physical body.

Her main interests now are communicating with a group of teachers and students from other dimensions. All contact is by spirit writing, where questions are asked by Annette and answers given clairaudiently.

Annette is a graduate of Griffith University, Queensland and the NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences.


The world’s ancient mythologies have legends portraying spirits in various forms. Supernatural beings of different shapes and sizes are recorded as having assisted or scared humanity over the millennia. Many of these experiences were spread by word of mouth, recorded in holy works or in forms of art.

Each epoch and culture had their conduit; a priest, Shaman or holy man making contact with unseen spirit dimensions. It took a lot of dedication, preparation and personal energy for that to happen. Contact was mostly in altered states of consciousness using incantations, mind enhancing drugs and even particular forms of dancing. Special preparations were needed and spirits were invoked for guidance on such things as crops, weather and the well being of the tribe or community.

There have been various attempts to make contact and interact with the unseen spirit realms but it was toward the end of the nineteenth century that communication gained popularity in Europe and the Americas. Madam Blavatsky, a gifted channel, influenced many with her occult teachings and inner knowledge, said to be given to her by advanced Eastern spirit teachers.

In Great Britain, there was so much public interest in life after death and people communicating with spirits that in 1892 the British Society for Psychical Research was formed in an endeavour to investigate scientifically the validity of all forms of paranormal happenings. Some well known members of the Society were the writer Arthur Conan Doyle, the philosopher William James, naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace, scientists Williams Crookes and Oliver Lodge, philosopher and economist Henry Sidgwick and poet and philologist F. W. H. Meyers. Conan Doyle, with his second wife Jean, held many séances to communicate with spirits including many of the souls of those killed in the First World War. He was such a believer in life after death and that the souls of the dead could and did communicate with the living that he stopped writing fiction to focus the rest of his life on the paranormal. Séances were popular methods of communication between spirits and some members of society. Ouija boards, table rapping and ghostly materialization were only a few of the creative ways communication was achieved. A medium or ‘sensitive’ was necessary to make contact and many had spirit overseers who protected them from any unwanted unseen elements. Depending on the strength of the medium and the spirit connection, sometimes her/his voice and mannerisms changed to that of the spirit being channeled. That didn’t help the credibility of the profession, many of whom were genuine channels seeking to help those in need and to prove there is indeed consciousness, life after death. Monumental shifts in insight and consciousness have taken place since those early days and it is now easier to communicate with energy realms interpenetrating our own. Eastern philosophies and other previously unfamiliar beliefs opened up awareness and helped shift much of the old fears and superstitions.

A plethora of books on the paranormal, spirits, extraterrestrial visitation and quantum physics have continued to open up a vista of learning not previously available to the average person. What is becoming apparent to more and more people is that at all times, wherever we are on any dimension, we remain a soul, a consciousness having experiences chosen by us prior to incarnating.

This is my story, one of growth told as a factual account as remembered of my journey from ignorance and fear to an understanding of how we are all part of a marvellous plan of evolution. There have been many ‘ah-ah’ moments in my life and one that stands out as a life changer for me is the understanding that during all experiences anywhere, we are always learning no matter what happens. Bed-ridden or an elite athlete, you cannot ‘ not learn ‘ and the knowledge gained through those experiences is what we all chose to experience in our incarnation on planet Earth.

Also gained was the understanding that there are no mistakes or misadventures, even if my third dimension thinking wants me to see myself as a victim. If I accept, as I do, that whatever my choices in life are or were, they were chosen by me for whatever experiences to be gained, I was never, could never be, a victim. This awareness encompasses all who come into my life for whatever the growth path lessons offered and were preplanned by me prior to incarnating for the opportunities they would present to me.

Disappointing experiences and disagreeable people still happened, but understanding they were there because of my wanting to learn from them has taught me acceptance. However, this understanding and acceptance all came with the benefit of hindsight and much later in my life. Very little, if any of this knowledge was there when I started my journey. My wish for you is whatever experiences you have chosen for your particular journey may they be as enlightening, rewarding and inspirational as can be.

Namaste [ roughly translated to mean the soul in me honors the soul in you ]. Whatever you have chosen, enjoy your journey.


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