Process Analysis and Simulation in Chemical Engineering

Process Analysis and Simulation in Chemical Engineering pdf

Process Analysis and Simulation in Chemical Engineering – This book offers a comprehensive coverage of process simulation and flowsheeting, useful for undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering as theoretical and practical support in Process Design, Process Simulation, Process Engineering, Plant Design, and Process Control courses.

The main concepts related to process simulation and application tools are presented and discussed in the framework of typical problems found in engineering design. The topics presented in the chapters are organized in an inductive way, starting from the more simplistic simulations up to some complex problems.

About the Author

Iván Darío Gil Chaves

Dr. Gil is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at National University of Colombia – Sede Bogotá. He received B.S. and MSc degrees from National University of Colombia. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Lorraine (France) and National University of Colombia (under joint supervision). Gil has participated in some industrial projects in the area of process design and control; mainly he has collaborated with representatives of Aspen Technology in Colombia in advanced process control applications. He was also instructor at Andes University in Colombia.

Currently, he teaches university courses in modeling and simulation, process control, reaction engineering and process design. In addition, he presents some short courses in advanced process control and process synthesis and optimization. Dr. Gil is co-author of several publications in peer review journals on process design and control. His research interests include biofuels, with emphasis on fuel ethanol and the use of extractive distillation to dehydrate mixtures ethanol-water; modeling, simulation and control of reaction and separation operations; nonlinear geometric control and vapor liquid equilibrium.

Javier Ricardo Guevara López

Javier Guevara holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from National University of Colombia. He is a process engineer with experience developing Conce


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