Printed Circuits Handbook by Coombs 6th Ed

Printed Circuits Handbook by Coombs 6th Ed

The Printed Circuits Handbook has served as the definitive source for coverage of every facet of printed circuit boards and assemblies for 50 years.

And now, for the first time anywhere, the new edition of this essential guide provides time-saving tools for success in the area of printed circuit supply chain management, including an entire new section on the elements of design, supplier identification and qualification, process control, product acceptance processes, and quality and reliability specification and assurance.

Written by a team of experts from around the world, this encyclopedic resource has been thoroughly revised and expanded to include the latest printed circuit tools and technologies – from design to fabrication. Hundreds of illustrations and charts demonstrate key concepts, and valuable tables provide quick and easy access to essential information.

  • This new edition of the most trusted guide to printed circuits includes:
  • Introduction to Printed Circuits
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lead-Free Materials and Processes
  • Engineering and Design of Printed Circuits
  • Base Materials for All Applications
  • Fabrication Processes
  • High Density Interconnection
  • Bare Board Testing
  • Assembly Processes
  • Soldering Materials and Processes
  • Non-Solder Interconnection
  • Quality Specification and Assessment
  • Reliability Prediction and Assessment
  • Assembly Testing
  • Repair and Rework
  • Flexible Circuits
  • And Much More

About the Author

Clyde Coombs joined Hewlett-Packard in 1959, where he developed the plated-through-hole process that became the basis for printed circuit production for the next 40+ years. He is the editor of all six previous editions of the Printed Circuits Handbook.

Happy Holden is the retired director of electronics engineering and innovations at Gentex Corporation, and has worked in printed circuits in various capacities since 1970. Previously, he was the CTO for Foxconn’s MIP Div (supplier of mechanical components, flexible circuits and rigid PCBs), a senior PCB technologist for Mentor Graphics’ System Design Division, an advanced technology manager at Westwood Association (NanYa PCB) and Merix Corp., and he worked for Hewlett-Packard for 28 years in various engineering and marketing roles.