Principles of Finance by NOUN Pdf

Download Principles of Finance by NOUN Pdf book free online – from Principles of Finance by NOUN Pdf book; This note provides an introduction to finance as a discipline, as well as the functions or duties of a financial manager in the business organization. Topics covered includes: Relationship between Finance and overall Operations of an Organization, Sources of Finance: Short-term sources and Long-term sources, Sources and Application of Funds,

The field of finance is broad and dynamic. It directly affects the lives of every person and every organization. There are many areas for study and large number of career opportunities available in the field of finance.

The functions of finance include sourcing and application of funds, and demands that money is used in the firm wisely, that is, when and where it is desired. Money sourced, for example, to improve on the production base of a firm should be appropriated wisely. It will be most inappropriate to use such funds to acquire assets unrelated to the course of

However, an attempt to limit the areas of financial management can be made if one agrees with the fact that financial management itself requires the simultaneous consideration of three key financial decisions.

Financial management is, therefore, a dynamic and evolving art of making daily financial decisions and control in households, businesses, non-business organizations and government. It is a managerial activity which is concerned with planning, providing and controlling the financial resources at the disposal of an organization.

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