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Download Principal Target By Stellen Qxz PDF book free online – From Principal Target By Stellen Qxz PDF: One of the most brutal men in the world wants blood for blood, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. Don Fablo Sandoval climbed to the top of the criminal underworld over a mountain of corpses to become the most feared man on Earth, and the only things that he truly cared about other than power were his sons, the heirs to his empire. Now one is dead and head of the most ruthless criminal network in the world will make those responsible pay with their lives.


The Don did not like to receive bad news. His temper was legendary and many men would rather slit their own throats than tell the Don something he was surely not to like. However, Ignacio Riva was not most men, and he was paid quite well not to frighten easily. Still, he was not looking forward to delivering the news he had to the Don. Not because he was afraid, but simply because he knew how much it would hurt a man he had come to admire and respect so much through his years of service.

Don Fabio Paulo Sandoval was el padrino, the godfather–or as the Sicilians put it, il capo di tutti capi, the boss of bosses–the un-disputed head of the largest, most influential, and most lethal drug cartel in Mexico, responsible for smuggling black tar heroin, cocaine, and hashish. This in essence made him the number one drug dealer on the planet, although the Don didn’t quite see himself that way. More as a very well diversified businessman.

Ignacio Riva was el jefe de Seguridad, security boss, or chief of security for the cartel, which was more popularly known as El Sangriento Pu?o–The Bloody Fist. Riva in his own right was one of the most powerful men in the cartel, really only second to Don Fabio’s heir apparent, his youngest son Raul, a graduate of Yale Business School in the United States, and currently managing the day-to-day operations of the cartel as its chief operating officer. Riva knew that he should, for form’s sake, deliver his news to Raul first, but this he believed should go directly to the Don. After all, it was not strictly cartel business and Riva knew the old man would want to know right away.

So here he was, in the ultra secure mansion-estate of the great man himself, outside his private study at nine o’clock in the morning local time, steeling himself for what he must now do..

He knocked once and waited until the Don told him to enter. He did so crisply, went to the great dark oak desk where the old man sat having his breakfast, served by an extremely attractive and young dark-skinned woman–girl really–with large brown eyes. The Don was delighted to be ministered to by this young angel and was clearly a little perturbed to be interrupted by even his closest of associates. However, he could tell by the expression in Riva’s eyes that the matter was urgent. The Don dismissed the girl quickly and wiped his mouth on a linen napkin.

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