Primrose Cottage By Paddy O’Farrell PDF

Download Primrose Cottage By Paddy O’Farrell PDF book free online – From Primrose Cottage By Paddy O’Farrell PDF: The villagers of Muddlecombe-cum-Snoring were perplexed as load of strangers went into Primrose Cottage: the Head of the Russian Mafia; his minder Boris “Seven Bellies” Slobovitch; two undercover CID policewomen; a London Solicitor and a young fresh Indian doctor.

And what was Captain Creighky O?Riley MC doing on a murder charge in Moscow together with the village idiot “Dense” Dimmock? And what was his Mum, Mrs Dimmock, going to do for her committee meetings in lieu of Primrose Cottage?


Brewster Kegworth did not like Mr Sidenose. He couldn’t put his finger on why he didn’t like him it was just that every time Mr Sidenose came into his life he got a sense of foreboding.

The foreboding was always in the shape of large amounts of cash. Extremely large amounts of cash. Either for Brewster to invest or his commission, or a bonus on top of his commission or a tip on top of the bonus. Sidney Sidenose, a sallow skinned solicitor from Shoreditch, always wore a camel haired coat, in all weathers, and he was always rubbing his hands together.

This all started twelve months ago.

Brewster Kegworth left university with a degree in business studies and started working immediately in the stock market in London. He had worked on the stock exchange floor for several years, enjoying the cut and thrust of the trading then progressed to the investment offices where he worked on large corporate portfolios.

Brewster started life in the stock market as a young lean twelve stone floor walker. As he progressed through the stages in the investment offices he became less active and was now sixteen stone and starting to lose his fine head of hair. Although he was six foot tall he was vastly overweight and at the age of fifty was heading for the usual stockbroker’s stress related problems.

He had been working hard all day and in the evening went to one of the city’s inns for a drink with his friends. After half a bottle of wine he got a strange tingling sensation between his ears and at the same time a vision of an old lady with a bonnet, wearing a shawl and carrying a basket walking across a picturesque village green with a duck pond, a church, a thatched cottage and a village pub surrounding the common. This gave Brewster a pleasant warm sensation of well being.

His reverie was disturbed by somebody bumping into him.

‘I am so sorry.’ said a voice behind him as Brewster turned to see a man with a sallow face in a camel haired coat and a trilby.

‘It’s Mr Kegworth isn’t it?’

Brewster looked surprised.

‘Mr Brewster Kegworth?’

Brewster was even more surprised.

‘How did you know my name?’ He asked.

‘Are now then, a friend of mine or should I say a client, had been given your name and asked me to contact you with a view to investing some of is a capital.’

‘I don’t normally deal with individuals Mr.,………..?’

‘Sidenose, Mr Sydney Sidenose, I do apologise for not introducing myself. I am a solicitor working out of offices in Shoreditch. I do understand your predicament as does my client but he feels that together we may be able to offer you an extremely attractive deal.’

Mr. Sidenose took out a bulky envelope from his coat and gave it to Brewster.

‘I will leave this with you Mr. Kegworth. Here Is my business card, please give me a ring when you have decided or I am usually in this wine bar every Friday at the end of the month.’


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