Prey by Michael Crichton ePub

Prey by Michael Crichton ePub

Download Prey by Michael Crichton ePub – From the book Prey: In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles—micro-robots—has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive. Buy from Amazon

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Prey by Michael Crichton ePub

It has been programmed as a predator. It is evolving swiftly, becoming more deadly with each passing hour.

Every attempt to destroy it has failed.

And we are the prey.

Editorial Reviews – Prey by Michael Crichton ePub



“INTRICATE PLOTTING AND FLAWLESS PACING…you won’t be able to put it down.” (Time magazine)

“CRACKLING…MYSTERIOUS….” (Entertainment Weekly)

“Just what his fans expect: A WILD, SCARY RIDE…” (Detroit Free Press)

“Another PAGE-TURNING TRIUMPH” (Charlotte Observer)

“INCREDIBLY SCARY and relentless” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)



“… a harrowing tale of nanoparticles gone beserk.” (USA Today)

“A TERRIFYING TALE…combining technological verisimilitude with heart-pounding suspense…” (The Oregonian (Portland))


I always admired MC’s descriptive analogies and comparisons for understanding. He’s no less captivating here. Be prepared for long, drawn out scientific lessons on the theories and different aspects of evolution. His extreme scientific details solidify the emotion of the story’s beginning, but it became tedious. Evolution, nanotechnology, biotechnology, organisms…gaaah!…it can all became very complex, convoluted and uninteresting with information overload. I didn’t know if MC was using all of this techno-jargon to inform and teach, or to fill up page space, or relay how thoroughly he researched the subject(s). But I didn’t give up. If you can stay with it…through all the mundane scientific jargon, focus and block out the idiosyncrasies and life’s humdrum daily responsibilities, it’ll reward you and prepare you for the disturbing plot. Even though I do not subscribe to the theory of evolution, I still found this story conveyed with precise thought and intelligence.


The author attempts to convert a very complex area of science as the basis for his novel. In doing so he chooses to over-explain aspects of nanotechnology, biology, and AI theory. Anyone not intensely interested in these areas will put this book down within 50 pages. The predictable “man makes superbug then has to kill it” underlying story, the shadowy corporation that is only mentioned in passing, and the anti-climactic ending, in the end none of these feel like a worthy payoff after the struggle of sticking with the book.


This was written over ten years ago but it has the feel of today.

A computer programmer is out of work and keeping house while his wife, an up and coming computer specialist, works. When she starts behaving strangely, he suspects she’s having an affair. Worse, he fears she’s beginning to document things he says and does in preparation for an ‘alienation of affection’ suit that will take his children away from him during a divorce.

Then he’s offered a contract job for the company she works for. It seems her company bought his program from the company that fired him. They are experiencing problems with it and want him to fix it.

He’s afraid he’ll be the fall guy — again — if the kinks can’t be worked out and is hesitant. Then his wife has an accident and things go screwy. It seems the only way he can find out what’s going on is to take the contract work.

From then on, it’s a nail biter.

I’m not a scientific person, so I don’t know about the IT part of this. But it kept me hooked till the last page.

Good read!

Details About Prey by Michael Crichton ePub

  • Name: Prey: A Novel
  • Author: Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 978-0062227201
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Men’s Adventure Fiction, Technothrillers, Genetic Engineering Science Fiction
  • Format: ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 386

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About the Author

Michael Crichton (1942-2008) was the author of the bestselling novels The Terminal Man, The Great Train Robbery, Jurassic Park, Sphere, Disclosure, Prey, State of Fear, Next and Dragon Teeth, among many others. His books have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, have been translated into forty languages, and have provided the basis for fifteen feature films. He wrote and directed Westworld, The Great Train Robbery, RunawayLookerComa and created the hit television series ER. Crichton remains the only writer to have a number one book, movie, and TV show in the same year.

Daniel H. Wilson is a Cherokee citizen and author of the New York Times bestselling Robopocalypse and its sequel Robogenesis, as well as ten other books. He recently wrote the Earth 2: Society comic book series for DC Comics. Wilson earned a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as master’s degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He has published over a dozen scientific papers and holds four patents. Wilson lives in Portland, Oregon.

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