Popular UK Job Sectors

The country’s unemployment rate is currently at a low 4.7 percent (year 2020), and the graduate labor market remains strong, in some ways as strong as it has been in a long time. Despite the fierce competition among graduates, candidates with the right qualifications, skills, and experience from top-ranked UK universities have a good chance of finding work.

Popular UK Job Sectors

The UK also welcomes skilled workers who are in short supply in the workforce; these workers hold the Skilled Worker Visa, which has replaced the Tier 2 work visa. The ONS occupation coding tool can be used to verify these skills.

The importance of language skills is growing, making many foreign nationals desirable candidates. As a foreign national, you will be in good and safe company in the UK, which is home to various international communities.

The United Kingdom has numerous areas where one can find work and build a successful career. With so many job sectors to choose from, the UK has long been the top choice for international students looking to begin their careers.

Highest paying jobs in the UK

JobsMedian salary
Chief Executives and Senior Officials£97,708
Marketing and Sales Directors£80,411
Pilots and Flight Engineers£78,570
Legal Professionals£74,701
Medical Practitioners£72,019
Information Technology Directors£69,409
Financial Managers£66,353
Public Health Managers£50,000
Higher Education Teaching Professionals£49,862
Electrical Engineers£49,674

Note: The figures provided in the table can vary. Source: Savethestudent

The UK’s fastest-growing jobs

According to Indeed, the demand for IT engineers in the UK has grown faster than any other profile over the last few years.

IT engineer job searches have increased by more than a third since April 2018, making it the fastest-growing career in the British job market. By 2025, the UK engineering industry will need to recruit and train approximately 1.8 million people to fill the gap. Aside from that, demand for graduates in the technological field has increased by nearly 28% over the same time period.

JobAverage salaryIncrease in demand
IT Engineer£28,21233.7%
Mobile Developer£34,97128.2%
Recruiting Assistant£22,35228.5%
Assistant Principal£51,54129.5%
Product Designer£38,20331.8%
Conveyancing Assistant£19,74625.8%
CNC Machinist£27,88131.2%
Salon Assistant£16,02933.6%

Note: The figures provided in the table can vary. Source: CNBC   

Top Hiring Companies in the UK

Since UK’s services industry constitutes the major chunk of the entire workforce, that is, over 80.2%, it is understood why there is a shortage of the required qualified workforce. At present, as per April-June quarter of 2021, around 75.1% of employment was recorded, which is 0.3% up by the previous quarter. Majorly IT, Engineering & Technology, Medical, Businesses, Consulting, Agricultural, Research, Marketing, Finance level firms hire a maximum number of graduates and postgraduates in the UK. The following is a list of top 10 companies which hire qualified graduates in bulk annually in the UK:

  • #1: Salesforce – Cloud-based software company 
  • #2: Microsoft – Technology company 
  • #3: Abcam – Protein supplier research tool
  • #4: Google – Technology company
  • #5: Softcat – IT Infrastructure company
  • #6: GTB – Marketing Agency company
  • #7: Apple – Technology company
  • #8: Bella Italia – Casual Dining Group with a chain of 90 restaurants
  • #9: SAP – Software Corporation company
  • #10: Facebook – Technology company       

Skilled Worker Visa: Shortage Occupations and their Annual Salary Going Rate

Various job sectors including Education, Scientists, Healthcare, Engineers, Analysts, Programme & Software, Architects, Artists – Dancers, Musicians; Art Officers, Graphic Designers, Senior Citizens care workers, etc are included in the shortage occupations and those who are skilled in these sectors can be paid 80% of the job’s going rate in the UK. Read on for a brief overview of ONS occupation coding tool:                

ONS Occupation Code Job Sectors Annual Salary (Going Rate: 80%) 
1181 Healthcare & Education – all jobs £30,720 (£15.15 per hour) 
2121 Civil Engineers £28,000 (£13.81 per hour) 
2122 Mechanical engineers – all jobs £26,720 (£13.18 per hour) 
2126 Design and development engineers £27,280(£13.45 per hour) 
2135 IT Business Analysts – all jobs £29,280 (£14.44 per hour) 
2136 Programmers and software development professionals – all jobs £26,640 (£13.14 per hour) 
2431 Architects £28,000 (£13.81 per hour) 
2137 Web design and development professionals £20,800 (£10.26 per hour) 

It is advised that applicants check in detail about these jobs and also the requirements for their spouse and children. Not all benefits are available for skilled work visa applicants in the UK. Students studying in the UK, and international students studying in the UK are all eligible to apply for this visa.


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