Piano for Beginners 6th ED

Piano for Beginners 6th ED

Piano for Beginners 6th ED – Picking up any instrument for the first time can be daunting, but the new edition of Piano for Beginners will guide you through the learning process. From the correct way to sit at the piano to reading notation, we start with the basics before expanding your musical horizons with easy home recording and genre-specific tutorials. With a glossary of essential terminology, a list of chords and even access to free online resources, Piano for Beginners will be your go-to guide to mastering the piano or keyboard. Featuring: Getting started – Navigate the basics – from accessories to the pedals – with our ultimate guide. Understanding theory – Lay solid foundations by getting to grips with theory essentials. Playing the piano – Master your instrument with step-by-step tutorials. Play in the style of… – Get to know the hallmarks of your favourite genres and replicate their style.

Ask yourself this:

1. Have you always wanted to learn how to play famous piano pieces, but did not know where to start?

2. Did you start piano lessons once and give up because the lessons were too difficult?

3. Are you struggling to follow online piano lessons that seem to jump all over the place without any sense of direction or consistency?

4. Would you like to expand your musical understanding and learn how to play the piano through an affordable, step-by-step book and video course?

If your answer to any of the these questions is yes, then this beginner piano book is definitely for you!


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