Petty’s Crime by Manda Mellett Pdf

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I’m not the nicest person in the world, I’ve cultivated that world view. I’m a man’s man, full of testosterone and with the balls to prove it.

I’ve spent years kidding everyone as to whom I am, hiding the parts of me I’m ashamed of.

I didn’t expect my nemesis to raise her head and step back into my life with the intention of destroying everything I’d so carefully crafted around me.

I thought we were over, done and finished, but she had different ideas. I’m no more able to protect myself now than I’ve been in the past.


As I’ve a dangerous ex hounding me, I’m under the protection of the Satan’s Devils’ Security Services.

Petty is one of my bodyguards and he’s an absolute dick. He has no respect for anyone other than his brothers from him. If he was not so good at his job, I’d have demanded he be replaced.

Though slowly I come to discover there’s something about him, something I think only I can see. It lives beneath the person he presents to the world.

Maybe as much as he’s protecting me, can I save him?

It won’t be easy. He’s not going to let anyone in. But when his brothers de él all desert him, there’s only one person he can turn to, and that’s me.


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