Perfect Mistake by C.A. Harms PDF 

Download Perfect Mistake by C.A. Harms PDF book free. Another addition to the small-town Mason Creek series. Meet Will Murphy and Miley Reese. Trouble always seems to find Will Murphy. Or maybe it’s Will that’s the trouble.

His trademark is disregard for his actions and his constant lack of responsibilities.
He’s never been the kind of guy to look toward his future; he chooses to live one day at a time. Never mind the consequences. But one kiss in a dark corner at his older brother’s wedding from a sweet girl like Miley Reese may be precisely what he needs. It just might be the jolt of electricity that wakes him to the possibilities of a future he’s meant to have. A love he’s run from for fear of losing yet another person he cherishes. That fear has crippled him. But one woman may rock the walls he’s built, and when he falls, she’ll be there to catch him. NOTE: This story may have scenes that are cross-over from the entry in the Perfect Christmas Anthology, Wyatt and Sadie’s Story. Only they are now in the POV from Will and Miley.