Perfect Excuse by A.D. Justice PDF 

Download Perfect Excuse by A.D. Justice PDF book free. Who knew fighting for custody of an African grey parrot would be the perfect excuse to stay married? Ryder King was always the one for me. He stole my heart in second grade, and I never imagined after seven blissful years of marriage, I’d give it back.

We made one tiny mistake by spending the night together during our separation period and the judge read all about it in the local gossip column. Okay, maybe it was two or three mistakes… but who’s counting? Instead of granting our divorce, the judge mandated us to marriage counseling. The only way to get out of our marriage without waiting another six months was if our counselor agreed we’re all wrong for each other. That’s when the fun really started…A probing therapist, a gossiper who knows all, and a few of my unmentionables on prominent display revealed all our secrets. Seems Ryder and I were both guilty of hiding vital truths from each other. And what happened behind closed doors…. well, let’s just say it’s the stuff headlines are made of.


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