Pellock’s Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy PDF

Pellock's Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy PDF

Download Pellock’s Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy PDF book free online – From Pellock’s Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy PDF book free for download, Now in its fourth edition, Pellock’s Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy remains the gold standard for diagnosis, treatment, classification, and management of childhood epilepsies. 

With over 100 distinguished contributors from world-leading epilepsy programs, the long-awaited new editionmaintains the breadth and scope the book is known for while significantly updating the science, practice, and therapeutic strategies that continue to move the field forward.

At the center of this new edition is the totally reorganized and expanded section on age-related syndromes. There is a major emphasis on new genetic-basedclassifications and the clinical implications for identifying and managing the various subtypes. New chapters devoted exclusively to Panayiotopoulossyndrome, myoclonic status epilepticus, and autosomal dominant focal epilepsies, among others, cover even more ground than the last edition. Brand-newchapters in the drug and diet section cover perampanel, ezogabine, and lacosamide, while the existing chapters on major medical treatments have been comprehensively updated to reflect the latest trials and studies. Other sections contain new chapters on genetics, non-invasive functional mapping, sleepissues for pediatric epilepsy patients, and more.

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With more than 80 chapters, Pellock’s Pediatric Epilepsy now contains a full discussion of the spectrum of epilepsy disorders, not just seizures. From basic mechanisms and epidemiology, through diagnosis and therapy, to quality of life issues, the new edition of this established reference cover. aspect of childhood epilepsy and will continue to be the definitive core text for all professionals involved in the field.

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • Every chapter thoroughly reviewed, revised, and updated
  • Section on age-related syndromes completely reconfigured to align with new ILAE terminology and organization in classifying seizures and forms of epilepsy
  • Major update on disease mechanisms and all treatments for epilepsy, including drugs
  • Increased attention to special populations, including a heavily-updated chapter on the female epilepsy patient
  • New final section covers the epilepsy spectrum, with new chapters on epilepsy and sleep, co-morbidities of childhood, behavioral influence of AEDs, and transitioning to adulthood
  • Purchase includes access to the fully-searchable downloadable e-book.

About the Author

James W. Wheless, MD, Professor and Chief of Pediatric Neurology, LeBonheur Chair, Division of Pediatric Neurology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee

John M. Pellock, MD is Chairman of the Division of Child Neurology, Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, in Richmond, Virginia.

Douglas R. Nordli, Jr., MD is the Lorna S. and James P. Langdon Chair of Pediatric Epilepsy at Northwestern University School of Medicine and Director, Children’s Memorial Epilepsy Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Raman Sankar, MD, PhD is Professor and Chief of Pediatric Neurology and Rubin Brown Distinguished Chair at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

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