Pee-wee Harris Fixer By Percy K. Fitzhugh Pdf

Pee-wee Harris Fixer By Percy K. Fitzhugh Pdf

Download Pee-wee Harris Fixer By Percy K. Fitzhugh Pdf book free online – from Pee-wee Harris Fixer By Percy K. Fitzhugh Pdf book; All readers of the Tom Slade and the Roy Blakeley books are acquainted with Pee-wee Harris.

These stories record the true facts concerning his size (what there is of it) and his heroism (such as it is), his voice, his clothes, his appetite, his friends, his enemies, his victims. Together with the thrilling narrative of how he foiled, baffled, circumvented and triumphed over everything and everybody (except where he failed) and how even when he failed he succeeded. The whole recorded in a series of screams and told with neither muffler nor cut-out.

One hundred jars of preserves and more coming, Apples rotting on the trees! All that remained to complete his happiness was a bush laden with ice cream cones growing wild. He read the concluding sentences:

Your uncle would be glad to go and bring you in the buckboard but it would take very long and he is busy haying so if you don’t mind the bad road it would be better for your father to send you in the automobile. Be sure to turn off the highway to the right just above Baxters. The road goes through the woods.

Your loving


Steadying himself with one hand, Pee-Wee took the letter between his teeth as if he were about to eat it. Then he cautiously let himself down so that he hung by his knees, then clutched the limb with his hands, hung for a moment with his legs dangling, and let go. In one sense he was upon earth but in another sense he was walking on air. …


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