Pathology Quick Review and MCQs by Harsh Mohan

Pathology Quick Review and MCQs by Harsh Mohan pdf

Pathology Quick Review and MCQs – This is the 4th Edition of a book that has already established itself as the classic pathology textbook in India. This new edition has been updated, and improved to meet the highest standards of quality and information now required by pathology courses around the world.

Editorially this new edition carries particular emphasis on molecular pathology and genetics in the pathogenesis of various diseases, and the pathological discussions of each organ or system is preceded with a short description of its structure and function.

The material is integrated with extensive page cross references between chapters and the whole book has been thoroughly re-edited, with new images, illustrations and line drawings. The book is accompanied by the FREE student revision aid “Pathology – Quick Review and MCQs” and therefore together as a package Mohan: “Textbook of Pathology 5E” will be a major contribution to the required reading of undergraduate medical students worldwide.


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