Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance Pdf

Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance Pdf

Download Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance Pdf book free online. The talented artist who had just moved to Arizona from the West Coast lay dead on a chilly slab in the mortuary. Sheriff Joanna Brady receives some unwanted assistance in the form of a seasoned detective called Beaumont from the Washington State Attorney General’s office because they believe this investigation is too complicated for a small-town female police officer to manage. Sheriff Brady resents his interference, and J.P. Beaumont has no desire to be in Bisbee, Arizona, with its ghosts and memories. However, the winding desert path they are forced to take together is taking them right up against an extremely dangerous rattlesnake nest. Trust is now their only remaining option if they want to survive. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

About the Author

J. A. Jance, an avid reader, decided she wanted to become a writer as soon as she finished the first Wizard of Oz book in second grade. She had always been intrigued to mysteries, starting with Nancy Drew and continuing with John D. McDonald’s Travis Magee series, so it was only fitting that her first attempt at writing a book would also be a mystery.

J. A. Jance went on to write the Edge of Evil, the J. P. Beaumont series, the Joanna Brady series, three connected thrillers starring the Walker family, and other works that have achieved New York Times bestseller status. Jance, who was born in South Dakota and was raised in Bisbee, Arizona, now splits her time between Tucson and Seattle with her husband.

Jance is a fervent advocate for a variety of causes, including the Girl Scouts, the YMCA, the Humane Society, Gilda’s Club, and the American Cancer Society. She has a rescued Dachshund named Bella and loves animals.

Download Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance Pdf