Paper Son by Julie Leung Pdf

Paper Son by Julie Leung Pdf

Download Paper Son by Julie Leung Pdf book free online. He was a young boy named Wong Geng Yeo before he was an artist by the name of Tyrus Wong. He carried only a suitcase and a few papers as he crossed a wide ocean from China to America. Not sketching papers, although he loved to draw, but immigration paperwork to begin a new life. Tyrus embraced every chance to create art as soon as he arrived in America, eventually enrolling at a Los Angeles art school. His mop spun like a paintbrush in his hands as he worked the night shift as a janitor. Eventually, he was granted the chance of a lifetime, and Tyrus painted the classic backgrounds for Bambi using light watercolors and sparse brushstrokes. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The beautiful life and work of a painter who immigrated to this country with aspirations and talent—and who forever altered the world of animation—have been exquisitely captured by Julie Leung and Chris Sasaki.

About the Author

A Tail of Camelot, Voyage to Avalon, and Merlin’s Last Quest are all part of JULIE LEUNG’s Mice of the Round Table series. Her debut picture book is this one. She spends her free time winning obscure board games and sneakily sniffing books at bookstores. She presently resides in New York City and works as the marketing director at Del Rey Books. She is originally from Atlanta. You may find her online at and on Twitter at @jleungbooks.

Download Paper Son by Julie Leung Pdf


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