Paint The Earth Red by Kit McKenna Pdf

Download Paint The Earth Red by Kit McKenna Pdf.Sheriff’s Deputy Heather Priddy stumbles upon a dead body while out for a hike with her sister and some friends.

Months later, she’s the walking wounded, on leave after losing her partner and sustaining multiple injuries in the line of duty. The accident has her questioning everything about the future she once thought was certain.

In a chance encounter, she hears of another body found closer to home. While checking out the information, she runs into another officer of the law, Agent Sean Martelle with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and instantly wants nothing to do with him because he’s a manipulative alphahole.

When they discover they’re on the trail of the same killer, they rise above their disagreements and join forces to chase a serial killer across the state. As they piece together the clues, it doesn’t take long for sparks to fly and both of them begin to question whether they can set aside the hurts from the past to move toward a new future and maybe even find love.

A break in the case moves the investigation forward, but at the same time puts Heather and someone she loves in the killer’s sights. Will Heather and Sean be able to trust each other and solve the mystery, or will it all fall apart with deadly consequences?

It’s a race against time to catch the killer before he catches her, or worse