Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Book Report

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Assignments, essays, and papers are among hurdles students come across during the studying process. Some take them easily because all the keys to writings can be found online, while others become overwhelmed even with mastering the topic. Who do you think you are? The student who cannot write papers or the one who deals with them as easy as shelling peas.

If you belong to the category of people who experience difficulties with writing papers, do not write it off as lost. The next paragraph covers the review of a book, Pains, and Gains of Academic Writing. It is a guideline written by professionals who daily coped with students’ assignments, and now reveal their view on the art of writing with no trouble. Note, the authors share their real and unbiased experience of coping with students’ assignments. Thus, there won’t be any illusive stories.

The Review – You Will Be Taught How to Skip Boring Writing

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing was published in November 2020. It is written by a team of CustomWritings service. You may read book here. What is it about?

As the name says itself, the book covers the story about students’ pains and gains when writing papers. Based on professors, and school teachers’ feedback, hardly every student needs a full course of preparation before mastering their first papers. Yet, are there any other ways to avoid tiresome preparation? The book suggests that by reading it, one may easily master proper academic writing.

First off, there are many useful writing basics with real-life examples, and advice on their practice. Writers involved in creating the book share up to the point advice without any repetitions, or technical jargon. To help one understand the academic writing process, the authors suggest learning 13 stories of real events when they came across students’ hurdles.

Secondly, what you may love about the book is that authors themselves say that hate toward essays is pretty normal. The authors even mention that it may be harder than algebraic equations. Any reader is compared to the swimmer in the pool who should convince others that swimming is great (writing is great) to understand the basics of writing. For example, the essay is the “idea which you enlarge by adding more water to the pool” meaning that you enlarge the word count within the paper.

Beyond that, it is pretty cool that many terms in the book are played around. A reader is a swimmer, the thesis example is that chocolate ice-cream is the best in the world among others. Such a book does not make you feel bored but you may even burst out laughing catching in some experiences the CustomWritings team dealt with – yourself.

You step-by-step are taught how to convince a reader about the validity of your point of view. Then, how to come up with the catchy hook, structure of the essays, questions which you should ask yourself during each stage of writing alongside some insights on plagiarism.

Finally, Pains and Gains of Academic Writing hints students at how to write topics that have been numerously covered and seem like there is no more originality possible to find. The writers share tips on how to make such college topics as Shakespear works interesting to read, and interesting to learn something new with.

The Unbiased Summary on Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

The first thing which should be said – Pains and Gains of Academic Writing has nothing to do with simple guidelines, and educational establishment materials covering how to write custom papers. Not at all. The book is written by academic writing specialists who have helped students with their assignments for over 15 years. They shared their company experience handling students’ requirements, and expectations. You will definitely find it interesting if you do not know how to pick the topic, or how to make one engaging and non-trite. Then, you will know how to structure any of your papers. Finally, you will memorize the common mistakes done by students that make them earn poor grades.

This book won’t seem too smart, strange it may sound. You won’t be judged for not knowing writing essentials. Everything is written in simple or even fair to be said – youngsters’ language.

Who Are CustomWritings?

CustomWritings is a legitimate, and reliable online service that daily addresses students’ inquiries regarding assignment help. Over 75 disciplines are covered with the service, and over 98.52% of orders are delivered prior to the set deadlines by the clients. Compared to other similar services, CustomWritings ensures to provide students with flexible pricing for any kind of paper, report, or dissertation among others.

The actual professional writers are with Master’s degrees and those who underwent a 3-step hiring process. Therefore, no mediocre approach to your tasks. Then, it is worth saying that if you have any problems with your papers, or you want to access Pains and Gains of Academic Writing, you may contact the company any time since their support team works 24/7. All the inquiries are answered fast, without any delays, and up to the point.

Last but not least, the company never shares the details of cooperation with any student. It means that your inquiry toward crafting a paper for you will be left confidential. Thus, neither your classmates nor professors can catch you getting your paper done and ready by others.

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