Paid Internships are a way to gain experience and also earn some cool cash. Right now, there are paid internships for students, and a lot of people are keying into it. 

Going for internships could be a way to hone your skills or explore a particular career. Whichever way, it’s a good idea but don’t overlook the idea of earning while working. 


What Are Internships?

An internship is a period of work experience for a student or trainee offered by an organization with or without pay in order to gain certain experience or hone one’s skill. 

Most government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies, etc. offer internship roles and it’s a great way for one to gain experience. Paid internships for students also are available in most of these organizations and it’s a great way for students to learn. Also, most of these internships lead to full-time offers. 

There are quite a number several paid internships for students and we will be looking into them shortly. But meanwhile, paid internship for students gives the students the opportunity to learn from the pros, gain real-life experiences and also build one’s network.  

In order to enjoy benefits under the paid internship for students, you need to first find internship opportunities


• Resources on campus: 

There could be paid internships for students on campuses. There may be job boards in which employers are looking for students to take some positions. You can also attend career fairs and take part in on-campus recruiting. 

• Check online  

There are a lot of resources online for you where you will see job and internship postings. You can check some of the company profiles and know what which organization offer. But you first need to have a clear goal of what you want.  

Check out the organization of choice 

If you are not sure of the internship to go for, you can check out the company first. Everyone has a dream company they would like to work in. There are paid internships for students in some of these companies too. If you find one that is quite a good fit for you, you can apply.  

There is a lot of paid internship for students. We will be discussing some of them one after the other. It’s not only about applying for internships but choosing one that fits your educational or professional goals.

They include; 

• American for art internships 

This is a nonprofit organization that offers internships to students. Students gain useful skills needed to become better stewards of the future. They also get creative ideas from the young interns on how to further arts. Interns also earn hourly wages here. 

• Premier TELF homestay internships in China  

Students interested in diplomacy, history, linguistics, etc. are offered internships at Premier TEFL. Interns must complete a course (Teaching English as a foreign language) TEFL. Interns participate in a homestay program where they teach English. They are been provided with stipends and also experience cultural excursions. 

• IAESTE International internship  

This internship program offers a paid internship for students looking to gain experience or exposure in the technical field like architecture. However, students in such fields are willing to apply. IAESTE ( International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience aims at promoting intercultural exchange with students gaining such cultural and professional experience. 

Health career connection internship  

In the health field, there are also paid internships for students. Students in the health sector can apply for any role in any of the departments as they offer summer paid internships opportunities.  

• Deloitte Internships 

Internships are offered to students at all levels. It is one of the professional networks in the world that offer a variety of opportunities in different roles ranging from leadership, auditing, consulting and advisory services. Students can gain professional experience while still in school. 

• KPMG Internships 

This is also one of the big companies that offer paid internships for students. Interns gain a wide knowledge in any field they focus on as well as explore career options. 

FAQ – Paid Internship

  1. Are internships for students only?

Students are not the only ones who can do internships. Unlike their college-aged counterparts, adults may also do internships for similar reasons. In contrast, a college student can receive college credit for an internship instead of a paid internship

  1. Do student interns get paid?

Interns may or may not be paid, depending on the position. Internships which count toward graduation are commonly unpaid, especially when the internship counts as academic credit. Businesses know there is value in training someone after they graduate from college who might become an employee.


Gaining first-hand knowledge of any field is great as well as having experience. This is why we have an internship program. These programs enable you as a student to gain experience in any field of study of choice even before graduating. It gives you an edge over someone who hasn’t acquired any experience. There are lots of paid internships for students. So you can key in and gain a holistic experience. 


•Best Internships for students

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