Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Download Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF book free – From Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF: Fully revised and updated for the new edition, the Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry provides the most up-to-date information clinically relevant to the doctor on the ground. Buy from Amazon

Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Using a presentation-based format it provides detailed advice on clinical decision making after diagnosis. This handbook is an indispensable companion for any professional working in psychiatric medicine.

Covering all major psychiatric conditions and sub-specialties, this handbook provides practical and comprehensive guidelines and in-depth coverage of psychiatric assessment, psychopathology, evidence-based practice, therapeutic issues, and transcultural psychiatry.

Fully up-to-date with the latest revisions of the DSM-IV and the ICD10, it is indexed alphabetically by classification codes and acute presentations for quick access. It reflects the recent major changes to psychiatric training and examination as well as the latest drug information. Reviewed by experienced clinicians, and revised by Specialist Trainees, this handbook not only gives expert advice for psychiatry professionals, but is also directly relevant to trainees in psychiatry. Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

For the third edition, new information includes guidance on Adult ADHD, information on new drugs of abuse (e,g, GBL, GHB, mephodrone), and clinical decision-making in the prison setting. With such broad coverage and depth of guidance, this is the must-have pocket guide for all professionals and trainees working in psychiatry.

Features: Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of child, adolescent, adult, and old-age psychiatric conditions, thoroughly updated with the latest changes to legislature and classification
  • Features discussion of historical context, current controversies, and ongoing challenges to provide a holistic view of the specialty
  • Filled with clinical observations, guidance, and commentary from the authors’ practical experiences of working in the field
  • Offers practical guidance for principles and management of individual conditions

New to this Edition:

  • Includes a new section on neuropsychiatry to reflect the increased understanding of the biological basis of mental disorders
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest changes to legislature, classification, and licensed drug indications
  • Rewritten to reflect the evolution of ideas influencing psychiatric thinking, including global mental health and gender-related issues

Table of contents

1. Thinking about psychiatry
2. Psychiatric assessment
3. Symptoms of psychiatric illness
4. Neuropsychiatry
5. Schizophrenia and related psychoses
6. Depressive illness
7. Bipolar illness
8. Anxiety and stress-related disorders
9. Eating and impulse-control disorders
10. Sleep-wake disorders
11. Reproductive psychiatry, sexual health, and gender related issues
12. Personality disorders
13. Old age psychiatry
14. Substance misuse
15. Child and adolescent psychiatry
16. Forensic psychiatry
17. Intellectual disability
18. Liaison psychiatry
19. Psychotherapy
20. Legal issues
21. Transcultural psychiatry
22. Therapeutic issues
23. Difficult and urgent situations
24. Useful resources
25. ICD-10/DSM-5 index

Author Information

David Semple, Consultant Psychiatrist, University Hospital Hairmyres, East Kilbride, and Honorary Fellow, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh, UK,,Roger Smyth, Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Psychological Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh, UK
Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Dr Semple graduated in Medicine from Edinburgh University in 1992 and worked in the Neurosciences Department at Dundee Royal Infirmary before starting Psychiatry training on the Lothian Training Scheme. Subsequently he obtained a Wellcome Research Fellowship and afterwards was appointed as a Lecturer in Psychiatry and Honorary Specialist Registrar based at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. During that time he co-wrote the first edition of the Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry, a text he continues to co-write and co-edit with Dr Roger Smyth. Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Currently working as a Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry at University Hospital Hairmyres, East Kilbride and an Honorary Fellow of the Division of Psychiatry at Edinburgh, he continues to pursue his clinical and research interests in the areas of neuropsychopharmacology, the management of mood disorders, ECT, disorders of sleep and wakefulness, hallucinations, and psychosis. He was elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2016.

Dr Roger Smyth was born and educated in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to Scotland to study Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. He trained in Psychiatry in South East Scotland. Together with a group of friends and colleagues he wrote the first edition of the Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry. Dr Smyth took up his first Consultant Psychiatrist post in St John’s Hospital, Livingston in 2004, and moved to the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in 2006 to specialise in Liaison Psychiatry. Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

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21: Transcultural psychiatry
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Phil Andrews
Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Dumbarton Joint Hospital, UK
13: Old age psychiatry Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF

Chanpreet Blayney
14: Substance misuse
Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist, NHS Forth Valley, Stirling, UK

Zoe Davidson
15: Child and adolescent psychiatry
Specialty Training Registrar, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, West of Scotland, UK

Laura McWhirter
4: Neuropsychiatry
Specialty Registrar in Neuropsychiatry, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK

Daniel Mogford
11: Reproductive psychiatry, sexual health, and gender related issues
Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry, NHS Lothian, UK

Katherine Morton
9: Eating & impulse control disorders
Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Eating Disorders, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, UK

Douglas Murdie – Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF
22: Therapeutic issues
ST4 General Adult Psychiatry, NHS Lothian, UK

Unoma Okudo
12: Personality disorders
ST5 in Forensic Psychiatry, Leverndale Hospital, Glasgow, UK

Maria Oto
4: Neuropsychiatry
Consultant neuropsychiatrist, Scottish Epilepsy Centre, Glasgow, UK

Elspeth Pike – Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry PDF
16: Forensic psychiatry
Specialty Trainee in Forensic Psychiatry, NHS Lothian, UK

Gillian Scott
17: Learning Disability
Specialty Doctor, Rehabilitation and Recovery Service, NHS Lanarkshire, UK

Rachel Sibbett
16: Forensic psychiatry
Speciality Trainee in Forensic Psychiatry, NHS Lothian, UK

Laura Stevens
16: Forensic psychiatry
ST6 Forensic Psychiatry, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Gordon Wilkinson
15: Child and adolescent psychiatry
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Clinical Lead for the Scottish Young People’s Gender Service, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, UK

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