Outmatched Witch by Deanna Chase PDF

Outmatched Witch by Deanna Chase PDF

Download Outmatched Witch by Deanna Chase PDF book free online. Just as Marion Matched’s relationship is heating up and her business is exploding with clients, her estranged sister, Charlotte, shows up after accidentally unleashing an unlawful curse on all the men down at the local bar. With treatment resistant acne and erectile dysfunction the new norm for most of the men in town, matchmaking in Premonition Pointe has more challenges than ever. Now, with her sister living with her, Marion not only has to come to terms with their strained relationship, but she needs to help Charlotte find a way to reverse the curse before her business goes under or the law comes knocking.

When it turns out there’s something more evil lurking than just an accidental curse, the two sisters end up facing past traumas that threaten to break them both. The lives they’ve started to build in Premonition Pointe are on the line, and now they’ll have to learn to work together or else they face losing everything…including their new sisterly bond that neither ever saw coming.

Download Outmatched Witch by Deanna Chase PDF


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