Operations Research by P Rama Murthy

Operations Research by P Rama Murthy pdf

Operations Research – The subject ‘Operations Research’ is a branch of mathematics. Many authors have written books on Operations Research. Most of them have mathematical approach rather than decision-making approach. Actually the subject deals with applied decision theory, so I have dealt with the subject with decision-theory approach. The book has fifteen chapters.

The first five chapters deal with Linear Programming Problems, such as Resource allocation problem, Transportation problem and Assignment problem both maximization and minimization versions. In the first chapter, the historical background of Operations Research (O.R.) and definition and objective of the subject matter along with model building is discussed to help the learners to have basic knowledge of O.R.

Typical problems of mathematical orientation and decision making orientation have been solved. In transportation model and in assignment model, problems useful to Production and Operations Management have been solved to make the students to know the application part of the subject.

Table of Content

1.Historical Development.
2. Linear Programming models (Resource allocation models)
3. Linear Programming models (Solution by Simplex method)
4. Linear Programming – II (Transportation Problem)
5. Linear Programming III (Assignment Model)
6. Sequencing Model
7. Replacement Model
8. Inventory Control
9. Waiting line theory or Queuing Model
10. Theory of Games or Competitive Strategies
11. Dynamic Programming
12. Decision Theory
13. Simulation
14. Introduction to Non – Linear Programming
15. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique