Open HEAVENS 2019 By Pastor E.A Adeboye

open HEAVENS 2019

Open HEAVENS 2019 – When You Read, You Skim the Surface; When You Study, You Discover The Treasure! Open Heavens, A Guide to a Close Fellowship with God! Open Heavens 2019.

Great bible reading companion. Included is a one year bible reading program This is Highly recommended for people who want a good bible study resource. –Daily Word

Its absolutely amazingly perfect in every single way and day. You will be blessed in ths book! –Five Stars

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This book is amazing. very amazing details about how to spend time with God through His Words. It also present many exemples apply to the scriptures of God which are very helpfull for the growing of the believers and the Church. Glory be to God for that book. Thanks to Dady E.A Adeboye For all his explanation. –Very Powerful

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