OOP: Learn Object Oriented Thinking and Programming PDF

OOP Learn Object Oriented Thinking and Programming PDF

OOP – The whole textbook is designed as a record of the dialogue of the author with his daughter who wants to learn programming. The author endeavors not to explain the Java programming language to the readers, but to teach them real programming. To teach them how to think and design the program as the experienced programmers do.

Entire matter is explained in a very illustrative way which means even a current secondary school student can understand it quite simply.

The book comes out of the author’s long-term experience with teaching children, university students as well as professional programmers. The author teaches programming according to the Architecture First methodology which reacts at the companies’ complaints that the school graduates are usually good in coding, but bad in software architecture. Coding itself is gradually taken over by various code-generators, but the work of the architect will stay irreplaceable for a long time.

About the Authors – OOP

  • Rudolf Pecinovský is a graduate of Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engeneering at Czech Technical University in Prague. He obtained his Ph.D. (CSc.) degree at Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He is a lector at Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economic, Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague and at College of Information Management, Business Administration and Law. He published more than 40 textbooks.
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