One Vote for Murder by S.C. Wynne Pdf

Download One Vote for Murder by S.C. Wynne Pdf.Frenemies and psychopaths keep life interesting. If they don’t kill you, that is.

Maxwell foolishly hoped things might settle down once he found the perfect new location for his medical practice.

Not. So. Much.

After a shocking revelation, Maxwell finally knows why River Martin hates him with a passion. And River isn’t willing to let bygones be bygones. To put it mildly.

In addition to protecting Maxwell, Royce is dealing with a rich, powerful, and very vindictive family in town who have organized a special election to recall him as Sheriff of Rainy Dale.

As if that isn’t enough for the duo to handle, someone is knocking off potential candidates for sheriff. Will Royce be accused of murdering the competition, or will he become the murderer’s next victim?


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